Mixed Media Art.


Mixed media, unique  art created with sketches, paintings, photographs and digital art. Created with the idea to have a function, opulence, comfort and a delight. I love graphic design and technology so it is obvious to integrate it with my art and what fun it is!  Most of these designs are printed on usable products for every day use. The coasters are made in a small art factory situated in Mossel Bay by local people. You can order any of these designs by sending me an email and I will send you a price list. It is a great project because it does not only bless me and you, but it actually blesses all the awesome people producing it.  The name Mellie is the name my dad used to call me and I never new the significants about it until I worked as an au pair looking after a three year old boy and he started calling me Mellie. His mother, a journalist, was very surprised when she heard it and told me in Hebrew the sound Mêlie means “Gift from God”.  

I hope you will be blessed and that you will bless others with my art.