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As it turns out, the term photography describes the photographic process quite accurately. Sir John Herschel, a 19th century astronomer and one of the first photographers, came up with the term in 1839. The term is a combination of two Greek words — photos meaning light and graphein meaning writing or drawing. For me photography is just another medium to be creative in.  I studied photography when a photo was still captured on film, and I must say, it was a lot of fun. But I will never mis the smell of Fixer. We used to go to a shoot with limited film and before you press that button you would make sure it will be a good shot, but after you pressed that button you know instinctively if its good, great or excellent. Then it is off to the darkroom with much anticipation. I was fortunate to have always developed my own films and print my own photographs through out my photography career. When digital arrived on the market I dived right in, I used to spend many, many hours in front of that very slow secondhand laptop before I bought a better computer. If only my journey with digital could have started with the technology we have today.  Photography to me will always feel like playing. 

I do Weddings, Family / Couple Shoots, Children & Pets, Pregnancy, Boudoir (for that romantic gift), Interior and Pack-shots. 

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